January 4, 2019No Comments

Amalia’s 1st Birthday

I tagged along on Danielle + Wil's day off as they celebrated their daughter, Amalia's 1st birthday. Our session started off just as sweet as it ended. Coffee + treats at Suraya, followed by a cake smash at home!

September 17, 2018No Comments

Jack + Ellie – Newborn Session

When we grow up, we want to be Erin + Mark. That's what Mike and I said to each other after getting to know our neighbors down the hall. We had just gotten engaged and met the two of them when we moved into our first place together, a condo in the heart of Philly's Bella Vista neighborhood. Somewhere in between countless gab sessions in our hallway about building issues, local happenings, or "you won't believe the sh**" that happened to me today" conversations, we became friends.

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August 15, 2018No Comments

Little Leo – Newborn Session

The first thing I said to Jess when we chatted about setting up this session was how much I loved the names of her two sons - Luke + Leo. Paired together, these two just sound like the most adorable duo. One of my favorite things during newborn sessions is getting to watch these newly promoted older siblings interact with the new center of attention in the room. With his mop of blonde curls, Luke was curious, playful, and affectionate with Leo, curling right up next to him to tell me all about his new brother. He even showed me the differences in their feet, making for one of my favorite candid moments of the day. It's amazing how a bond can already exist and be so strong in such tiny humans!

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July 5, 2018No Comments

Izzy + Rosie

I'm a big music person and often times, when I'm out shooting or looking at certain images, a specific song will pop up in my head. If you were here with me now while I write this post, you'd hear the melody of "Rosie" by John Mayer playing in the background. It was the obvious song to immediately start playing in my head when mom, Amy, told me their newest daughter was named Rosie. Whenever I'm in need of a mood-boosting song, this is one of the jams I'll add to the queue. While the lyrics tell the story of a love lost, the melody is relaxed, simple, and sweet. The song just makes you feel good.

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