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I almost lost my life. Not once, but several times. 

A few months after the birth of our twins, I had been ravaged by a severe form of postpartum depression. It slowly reared its head before eventually consuming every part of my being. I became a complete shell of myself, all while attempting to put on a brave face to the outside world alongside my toddler son and newborn babies.
I fooled many people into thinking things were okay for some time until things, quite frankly, got too ugly, too raw, and too serious to ignore any longer. What occurred next was the darkest period of my life, as a mother, as a wife, and as a woman. 

It’s still difficult for me to look back on this time but through my recovery, I have come to terms with three things. 

1. This was not my fault. I was sick and experienced a medical crisis. 

2. I am not alone. 1 in 5 mothers suffer from PPD.

3. There was a reason I survived it all. I had to believe that there was.
To help mothers who are suffering, like I did. And to help women find themselves again. 

the why

the why

I will never forget the moment my son, our first child, was born as Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” played in the background of the delivery room. I became a mother to this song and it has taken on even more meaning over the years, serving as a source of comfort and hope when I needed it most. 

There is one lyric in particular that epitomizes the mission of
The Wildflower Collective. 

"Far away from your troubles and worry. You belong somewhere you feel free."

Just like wildflowers, we as mothers and women continue to find ways to bloom and grow, no matter the challenges we face, bringing beauty and joy to those around us. It is in this new space that women can focus on themselves and their own growth. Whether it's improving your mental health, working on your small business, or pursuing new creative endeavors, you can find a space for yourself here. 

the name

Get out. Take time to yourself.

But where?

I can remember this exchange after having my son and being instructed by the women in our family watching him to take advantage of this time between feeds. How long could I aimlessly walk around Target? How many drinks at the coffee shop would I need to order to fill those two hours? Sometimes all I really wanted was to be left alone and cry, or maybe take a nap and catch up on a trash tv series in my bed without feeling judged. But I knew I should get out of the house, that it was important to see other people, and feel somewhat "normal" again.

With those moments in mind, The Wildflower Collective space was born. The space is thoughtfully designed with intention, serving multiple purposes to cater to various needs. Read a book or catch up with friends in our lounge area. Collaborate with other likeminded women at our communal table. Zoom with your therapist or take a nap in our back private room. Whatever you need the space to be, it can be.

TWC will also be available for workshops and intimate gatherings.

Interested in utilizing our space? Email hello@rachelroshani.com 

the space

opening may 2024


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