Conor’s Wild ONE

June 25, 2018

It’s been just about a year since Mike and I moved out of the city to the burbs, settling in Havertown, PA. In that year, we’ve learned a ton, and I’d like to think grown a ton as well, but I’ll share more on all of this on the blog soon. Today is about one of the first families we met when we bought our home. Kelsey, Ryan + their little man, Conor, live just around the corner from us and over the past few months, have welcomed us in with open arms (and lots of shared beers)!

For Conor’s 1st birthday, we ventured out on a perfect summer afternoon to capture their “wild one,” and our session was full of lion roars and laughter. We even got to bring along a bottle of one of their favorite beers, Ourison from Tired Hands Brewery. Kelsey + Ryan bought 12 bottles of this perfectly named brew right before Conor was born, and will share one together each year for his first 10 birthdays. On Conor’s 21st birthday, they’ll celebrate by sharing the last two bottles with him. It’s the perfect tradition for this perfect family who we are lucky to not only call our neighbors, but also our friends.


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