Sunshine on a Cloudy Day – Eleanor’s Newborn Session

May 31, 2018

Remember two weeks ago when it rained every day for five days straight? Gloom and doom doesn’t even begin to do that stretch of storms justice. It was dark and dreary out for what felt like forever, with no sun in the sky above. The one very bright spot in that stretch of days was my photo session with Eleanor.

In a lot of ways, the arrival of this little love bug was one of the much needed bright spots for her new mom, Kate, and dad, Mike. If you know Kate’s family, the Filippelli’s, then you know the past year has been tough for them. Tough is actually an understatement. In a year full of unknowns, fears, and challenges, they have come through it together with hope and unparalleled strength. But if you know the Filippelli’s, this shouldn’t really be surprising. They are hopeful, they are strong, and some of the most joyful people I’ve ever met. When I met Kate’s sister, Cara, a few years ago, I was drawn to her cheerful personality and warmth, immediately hitting it off as friends (even after we realized we were once conference rivals on the lacrosse field). The same thing happened when I later met Kate. I’m sure that when Eleanor grows up, she will be filled with just as much hope and joy as the family she has become a part of.

So while I wished for the sun to peek through during our shoot, it wasn’t until afterward that I realized it was there all along. All the warmth and light we needed during our session was right in front of me, rolled up in the sweetest little package, wrapped in the arms of two amazing people who are sure to be the most amazing parents. Once the clouds finally slipped away, you can bet I made sure to look up to the sky and thank my lucky stars for introducing me to this family, and for allowing me the opportunity to capture these special moments for Kate + Mike.

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