Luke’s 1st Birthday

June 8, 2018

Hi Luke!

Remember the day you were born? Of course you don’t, your Auntie Rach is being silly! But guess what? I remember everything about the day you were born.

Your other aunties, Auntie EB + Auntie Carly, and I were not so patiently awaiting your arrival but when your daddy, Andy, text us to let us know you were here, we all jumped for joy! Luke William Edwards – what a beautiful name, we said! We couldn’t wait to meet you, squeeze you, and love you. And we’ve done just that!

Before you came along, me and your mommy, Molly, were roommates. Yes, mommy didn’t always live with daddy, crazy, I know. But your mommy and I had a lot of fun together! We even taught together at the very same school. Mommy and I enjoyed many brunches, shopping, cocktails (we’ll explain what that is when you’re older), and strolls through our Queen Village neighborhood. We’d even talk about what it’d be like one day to have someone like you come along! So when mommy told me she was going to have you, I was so excited! So excited I cried! That’s something your Auntie Rach does sometimes when she’s really, really happy.

I hope one day when you look back on these pictures of your very 1st birthday, you’ll smile just like you do now. You’re always so happy! I hope you see all the fun times you’ve had with your amazing mommy and daddy and what a cool little city kid you are. Your first year has been an incredible one and I can’t wait for the many more birthdays to come!

Love you Lukey!

Auntie Rach



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