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Part of what I’ve learned through therapy for my anxiety disorder is having to sit with my feelings. I mean that literally. I will find a place to sit down when I catch myself feeling especially anxious in an attempt to scan my brain and pinpoint what is causing me to feel this way. Once […]

A few weeks back I received this note from a client of mine, a new mom I had just done newborn pictures for. Hey Rachel! Hope this doesn’t sound creepy, but I’ve been so excited for our pictures that I often find myself on your Instagram looking at your previous newborn shots! Tonight I took […]


I’ve sat down to write this blog post more times than I can count. Or remember really. Thoughts fire throughout my brain so fast it’s hard to keep up with texts, emails, a blog, or life in general. How is he up from his nap already? Annnnnnd I’m leaking. Wait, did he just poop through […]

“So are babymoons a thing?” That’s what the owner of our Airbnb rental asked us while we checked in to his Upstate NY home. We laughed along with him at the notion of this recent trend that has popped up over the last few years, which we gladly used as an excuse to get off […]

I love surprises of all kinds. Surprising friends, surprise treats or a bouquet of flowers, or even a little surprise note to read from a loved one. So what wasn’t a surprise was our decision to not learn our baby’s gender ahead of time so we could be, you guessed it…surprised! Not gonna lie, it’s […]

20 weeks. Halfway there. I’ve learned a lot of things throughout this pregnancy so far. Things about babies, things about the human body (spoiler alert: it’s f**king crazy), things about Mike, and things about myself. Here’s just a few I wanted to share. 1. Everyone’s experience is different: Yes, there are a ton of similarities between […]

You woke me up to write this. You’re always on my mind. Our mind. I may not feel you yet But I do. You caught us by surprise How quickly you appeared. It was a Wednesday. 8/29. Two little lines. You made us laugh. You made us cry. We said a toast To you that […]

I’ve officially hit the six month mark in my business! I thought it’d be the perfect time to sit down and reflect on these last few months and what I’ve learned (which is A LOT by the way). It’s been an exciting, scary, overwhelming, crazily amazing half of a year but I wouldn’t change a […]

During my shoot with Casey, Annie + Baby Casey, I had one question for Havertown’s newest dad. Did he ever in a million year’s think that I, the wife of one of his high school lacrosse rivals, would be plopped up in bed for a photoshoot with him, his wife, and their baby boy?

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