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January 4, 2019

I love surprises of all kinds. Surprising friends, surprise treats or a bouquet of flowers, or even a little surprise note to read from a loved one. So what wasn’t a surprise was our decision to not learn our baby’s gender ahead of time so we could be, you guessed it…surprised! Not gonna lie, it’s been hard to resist the temptation of learning if we’re having a boy or a girl these last few months, and I had to use all my might to not take a peek at the screen during our 20 week scan when the technician checked out “those parts” but I’m glad we’ve decided to keep it under wraps.

When it came time to start designing our gender neutral nursery, I wasn’t too worried. I knew there would be a plethora of ideas and inspiration I could find. What worried me more was pinpointing the exact vision I wanted for the room. If you’ve read previous blog posts, you know I often struggle with making decisions (at 30 years old I still have a hard time committing to an ice cream flavor selection when it’s my turn in line). The one thing I did know was I wanted the nursery to feel cohesive throughout the rest of our home, which meant it would go along with our self-proclaimed “Global Chic” vibe. I love ALL things global decor, and am a sucker for pops of color so this was what I had in mind once I started my search on the magical world of Pinterest.

While I saved many pins on my Nursery Board, I kept coming back to these two images. And guess what? I couldn’t choose between the two! So instead, I’ve decided to incorporate features from both images as my main source of inspiration for Baby C’s nursery, shown below:

Pinterest Inspiration 1: “Bright + Modern” as featured on A Beautiful Mess

Pinterest Inspiration 2: “Tropical Jungle” as featured on Julep for Minted

With the arrival of our little one in just four months (!!!), I finally sat down and created a more detailed mood board to use as I start shopping and registering for items. Within a few hours, my vision came to life in the form of what I’m calling our “Jungle Chic” nursery. 

Finally feeling like we are ready to really get a start on our nursery! First up, ordering the baby furniture we’ve selected (shown below), clearing out the space, and choosing our paint color. The room already gets a ton of light and we’d like to keep it bright, so white is the color we’ve decided on. Now wish me luck while I go look at hundreds of white paint swatches…

Inspo Links:

Zuri Rug

Brushstroke Sheet

Fringe Bin

Palm Print

Giraffe Print

Eero Furniture

Splash Pillow



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