Granddad Creighton has said over the last few years that he has been anxiously awaiting his promotion from grand to GREAT, and this past year he finally got to move on up! Not just one, but two little boys have officially granted Granddad this new title, and have stolen the hearts of everyone else in our family along the way.

The arrival of great-grandson #2 was nothing short of emotional for our cousin, Jackie, and her husband, Gerry. Just a few days before baby Gerard's birth, Jackie's mom-mom, passed away. In one of their last moments together, mom-mom stated (and from what I'm told very confidently stated) that although Jackie didn't know what she would be having, SHE knew Jackie would be having a boy. And mom-mom was right. Just like the silver stars floating above Gerard in his nursery, there's one shimmering star that will always be there for him, sparkling a little brighter than the rest.