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April 17, 2018

I knew when I started this blog I wanted to use it as a platform to not only highlight my photography, but to also share more about myself, whether it be personal challenges I have faced, or in today’s case, shining light on some of my interests and passions. Beyond my deep dying love for Chip + Jo and the multitude of other addicting HGTV programs, I’ve always been drawn to home styling and interior design. I could get absolutely lost in the beautiful maze that is Anthropolgie’s home section or while perusing the aisles of World Market. I can see Mike’s eyes rolling before I even walk in the door full of those big white bags and announce “You’ll never believe what I found at Homegoods, babe!!!”

When Mike and I moved into our first home last June, needless to say I was beyond excited to get going on all things home decor related. While I would most certainly say I am not an expert or even an ounce close to being one in this area, I have learned a lot of valuable input from others over the past year that has worked for me. So take a tour through our global-inspired living room and check out my key takeaways from our design experience thus far. Like anything else, it’s still a work in progress with some adjustments that need to be made (wall decor project coming soon) but we’re really just enjoying living in our space right now!

Links for all available items are also listed at the end of this post!

1. Create a theme + pin away! I refer to the theme of our house as “global chic,” a term many of my friends thought I made up, and honestly I thought I might have too. Assuring me I might have actually been on to something, Pottery Barn released a new seasonal collection a few months ago they dubbed Global Chic, describing this idea WAY better than I ever could as being “all about bold patterns, found objects, and eclectic styling.” Our love for travel was something I wanted to showcase, so it made sense for me to focus on the bold colors and patterns I’d always been drawn to. I headed to Pinterest and started collecting ideas tailored around words related to my theme to get a better grasp on the look I wanted to achieve.

2. Start with what you have. When we first moved into our home, I was dead set on getting a brand new sectional. Much to my disappointment, there was no way to fit a sectional in the room without either covering the main air vent or blocking off the entrance to our kitchen. We decided for the time being to just use the couch from our apartment while I browsed for other sofa options. Almost a year has passed and I’m actually thrilled with how our same couch not only works in the space, but is just as on trend and comfy as when we first got it. All it needed was some refreshing which new pillows and a throw can help with. Holding on to it has allowed us to put money towards other projects and pieces for the house.

3. Sight lines are key! I’m lucky to have two friends who are both interior designers and they each taught me early on how important sight lines are, especially in smaller homes. Our living room is on the cozier side in terms of size so I went with a glass coffee table to keep the room looking more open. An additional chair was tough to make work in the space without making it feel overcrowded so I opted for two shorter leather poufs to serve as extra seating or footrests.

4. Deals, deals, and more deals. When I was younger, the only way I was shopping at oh-so popular stores like Limited Too was if I scored something off the clearance rack or if my mom had a coupon. Almost all of my formal dresses were from JCPenney. It just wasn’t in our family’s budget to purchase many brand name items, plain and simple. To this day, that hunt for a good deal is still alive and well considering Mike and I needed to be on a set budget. Clearance sections are always where I head first before being tempted by the full price items that are displayed front and center. Clearance items are usually marked down even more than what the tag is showing and you can get more money off an item that’s not in perfect condition (chipped paint, small nicks, etc. that can usually be fixed or covered up if needed at home). When it comes to online shopping, I’ll either sign up for price alerts for specific items or fill my cart with items I like and wait for a sale to run. Most times stores will send you a reminder email within a few days about what’s left in your cart with a new, available discount. 

Our friends gifted us the coasters seen above after coming across them during their own travels through Montreal!

There’s a reason coffee table books make for a great gift. They’re fun for guests to browse through, show off your interests, and make for very pretty space fillers. The wooden box seen above is actually a Mancala set I snagged from Bed Bath & Beyond for $5! Perfect for adding fun and more worldly flare in the space. 

I fell in love with this rug when I saw it and knew I wanted to work the room around it. Blue is my favorite color so I tried to compliment the rug with pops of blue in various accent pieces. Saw the Moroccan wedding pillow and the multi-colored print pillow at my local Anthro but couldn’t swallow the price at full cost. Within a week both pillows were 30% off during Anthro’s Bedding sale! 

Not one for being too matchy-matchy, I found this copper-hued armchair on the floor at this local furniture store. It added the perfect amount of extra warmth to the room I was looking for. It was practically in perfect condition but because it sat on the floor for a few months, they marked down the price for me by over 60%!








Tray + Bowls from HOMEGOODS







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