September 17, 2018No Comments

Jack + Ellie – Newborn Session

When we grow up, we want to be Erin + Mark. That's what Mike and I said to each other after getting to know our neighbors down the hall. We had just gotten engaged and met the two of them when we moved into our first place together, a condo in the heart of Philly's Bella Vista neighborhood. Somewhere in between countless gab sessions in our hallway about building issues, local happenings, or "you won't believe the sh**" that happened to me today" conversations, we became friends.

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July 5, 2018No Comments

Izzy + Rosie

I'm a big music person and often times, when I'm out shooting or looking at certain images, a specific song will pop up in my head. If you were here with me now while I write this post, you'd hear the melody of "Rosie" by John Mayer playing in the background. It was the obvious song to immediately start playing in my head when mom, Amy, told me their newest daughter was named Rosie. Whenever I'm in need of a mood-boosting song, this is one of the jams I'll add to the queue. While the lyrics tell the story of a love lost, the melody is relaxed, simple, and sweet. The song just makes you feel good.

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May 11, 2018No Comments

Charlie + Jack

Maybe it's because it's almost Mother's Day and I am good friends with this incredible mom (and dad), but I can't help but feel my heartstrings being tugged as I write this post and look through these images. Capturing Jack and his new best buddy, Charlie, was magical in itself. I always love watching kids as they experience being a big brother or sibling for the first time, whether they are hilariously overprotective or are just so excited that they shower their little sibling with endless hugs and slobbery kisses. Jack totally owned the big brother role and I can already envision these two joking around, wrestling, and all the other things brothers do that will probably drive their mom, Carolyn, crazy.

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