June 29, 2018No Comments

Playing House – 1 year later

I wholeheartedly embraced our great, big city life in Philadelphia. Mike can attest to this. Every week was about discovering new restaurants, bunkering up in a favorite dive bar, or tracking events to attend on sites like Uwishunu. It initially wasn't always like this though.

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June 20, 20185 Comments

Tuesday’s at 10 – Finding my 3rd Voice

To say I've learned a lot from this last year in therapy would be an understatement. A massive one, really. I've had to confront my anxiety disorder head-on and work through LOTS of things. And then also learn how to not get even more anxious about ALL of these things that are coming to the surface. Recently, I began the not-so simple task of trying to identify the two competing voices that you can typically find circling around one another in my head. I've chosen to write about them now because frankly, the last week was an extra loud one in this brain of mine while trying to navigate my new business and lifestyle, and in many ways writing has become a type of coping mechanism for me. 

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April 12, 20182 Comments

The Name Game

I think I was 10 when I realized that I hated my name. Well, mostly just my middle name. In a world full of normal sounding ones, like Ann or Elizabeth, there I was, stuck with the name Rachel Roshani. I didn’t even know how to pronounce it. I just knew it was foreign, meant something about sunshine, and most especially that it was different. Too different for a 10-year old-girl who was already dealing with a sprouting unibrow and upper lip hair.

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