3-0. WHOA. Um, where did my 20s go? Seems to be the popular sentiment these days amongst my 29+1 year old friends, all of us trying to piece together the movie reel of our lives over this past decade. For me, the last 10 years were filled with major life changes (got married to my dreamboat of a husband), a whole lot of movin’ and shakin’ (bought our first house!) and did I mention I quit my full-time job to start a photography business? Well, I did. Crazy, I know.

22-year-old Rachel (fresh out of college and ready to change the world one student at a time) would have gotten a real good laugh at the preview of her career to come. But alas, here I am, feeling somewhere in between complete disbelief that this is actually where I landed and that this is also exactly where I am supposed to be.

So on my 30th, I want to kick off this new decade with the respect it deserves by taking the time to say thank you. Listed below are the 30 parts of my life that I am most grateful for. No one’s life is perfect, and mine is no exception, but it’s been a pretty awesome ride so far.

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